Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This image is from The Bubble

There seems to be so much going on.
It's no use even wasting the energy it takes to turn on the television.
Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Cyclones
Arguh! THAT'S a discussion that bothers me.
Do you think people are talking, because it's about to happen and they would like their ten minutes of fame it that way?
How would you like it, if the world agreed there should be a party, and it was presented as a great honor for it to be at your house
Many, MANY people promised to come and celebrate with you and they would pay their own way, to help you pay for this larger than life event.
Then, right as the formal invitations go out,
people protest, public voices cry out that you are unworthy, your looks, behavior, style of life,
countless things about you seem unacceptable, and, instead of graciously either
1. attending the event and taking time to get to know you better, or maybe even becoming your friend
2. graciously declining, and allowing others to enjoy the party

You begin to criticise
and tell the world community it's a bad thing
who,exactly will be making sure you aren't hurt by this super nice thing you tried to offer the world????

I am sad at all this.
I, personally, would like to see more of the beauty,
this is a different, awesome culture
they have much to offer
if we could become friends, perhaps we'll find things we have in common
things we'd like to share.
Can't we say, "I'd love to attend the party,
what may i bring?"

And, if we don't need to bring the pickles,
how about packing some Love, Light , Life,
Joy, Spirit.
How about bringing some of the beautiful things, some of the Qualities of Spirit, to share and leave behind. Perhaps we'll find that Love is Catchy.

We could try.

Little Kitty in a Pot - Making Us Happy By Being ItSelf
May I learn to do the same

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