Wednesday, May 07, 2008

There's the country of America, which you have to defend, but there's also the idea of America. America is more than just a country, it's an idea. An idea that's supposed to be contagious.
- - - Bono

I read good things about this artist (Bono.) I hope, in some small way I make a difference, too.
This quote makes me think about Heaven. Now, Heaven isn't supposed to be just an idea or ideal. It's supposed to be a quality of Living - Here & Now. I wonder if I offer that to people around me? I experience IT in small snippets now. It's actually my HOME and my Truth. Now, how do I stay "Homebound" and maintain balance . . . . Maybe it doesn't need a balancing act. Maybe it's a choice - never to be backed away from. Ooooh, the thought is still too big for me . . . darn. I keep coming back to explore the idea - then I remember it isn't an idea - it's my home.

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