Saturday, May 24, 2008

There is something special I enjoy about this poster. I picked it up at the music store today. Shortly I'll have to visit the website listed. The reason I brought it home to share with you has very little to do with sitars and music. It has to do with the ongoing conversation about labels, religious discipline and judgement calls. If you've visited many "new thought" centers, you realize they are called CENTERS because they are uncomfortable with the word "church." I don't want to argue about the words or meanings, just the labels. The same thing came up with me. I was consistently referred to by a "label" that makes me feel itchy. I thought, if I was true to mySelf, people would begin to realize their assessment needed re-examining. After a year, that did not happen. I tried a few, gentle ways to change their view. Finally I wanted it corrected so much I actually asked (privately) for a consideration of the situation.

SO, what has that to do with this poster? The quote:
". . . affiliated with no one faith and has combined many disparate disciplines into a unified movement of human potentiality and equipoise."
Isn't that fun?

Now, I'm off to visit the website listed.

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Elizabeth Kaye Taar said...

This movie is so so..FANTA-BULOUS! JT is so funnjy when he danced while Celine sings and his picture wearing a speedo.. I watched ellen,you know!? Mike is funny too when he said that the next AmIdol is name is..DAVID!!