Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Reward

Normally one doesn't expect anything for a good deed. But, I got one anyway. The original is white with red print. I decided to play with it - so now it looks old fashioned. I used to produce regular Food Drive Concerts. It wasn't as rewarding as I hoped it might be. It got more negative attention than it did goo. So, I packed it in. But, the travel agency in town was sponsoring a drive. I got to stop at the world market and purchase what i could afford to help fill the barrel. Then, the post office had a food drive yesterday. A friend took me to the grocery and we both filled a couple bags, hanging them on the post for Jerry (my favorite mail carrier of all time.) He didn't have opportunity to stop by until very late in the afternoon but, when I heard the slam of a car door, i realized he'd gone for his van. And, in place of the bags meant to help someone else - I was given this super cool post card. A TROPHY!!!!!! (of sorts.) I may glue it into a scrap book, because it really is happy making to take part (mine seemed to be the only mailbox in the neighborhood loaded down with groceries . . hm . . . how can we encourage others to participate? OR - How can I help the planet overcome poverty and need? Interesting. Have you read anything by Yunus? He certainly has good ideas about that. Well, now I've give you a glimpse of my prize, I think I'll be off.
'bye for now!

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