Saturday, May 03, 2008

If you want to be respected, you must respect yourself.
-- Spanish Proverb

It isn't "like me" to dwell on past accomplishments. So I'm certain it's G-d reminding me where we (G-d & I) have been together. heck, I was on the A&M label, an opportunity earned, not given. I've self-produced several CDs and assisted others to do the same. I've done music for two independent films, I've helped a project that went on to win an Emmy. Not to mention all the events I've produced and either hosted, or performed . . . . storytimes, concerts, author presentations - and that's merely the tip of the years of creative work . . . I'm in a program now (that I LOVE) that is a real confidence builder. Why wait until graduation to go back to work. No need to continue to wonder. I think it's part of the "Happy Surprise" - this finding mySelf looking to self-define and offer my talents to the community. Yes, Spirit is reminding me that, with G-D "All Things Are Possible." I should respect mySELF (the G-D part) and "get out there."

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