Friday, May 02, 2008

Faith Based, Inspirational Tellers?

I was disappointed. Now, don't get me wrong, it's a great thing, this story festival. It's a great and wonderful gift to the city. My misadventure was one small part and, to be truthful, it seemed (at the time) I was the only person sad. It took me planning, two buses, a little stroll across Soulard - but, what's that? I was really excited to hear other "Sacred Storytellers." I was met at the entrance to the venue by the nicest person I've met in months. he explained the event was moved to a nice place about a block and a half away. No Problem. My disappointment came when the tellers announced that the "low life's" had been scheduled there. (I'm not sure about this, it might have been an inside joke, referring to a type of story, anything is possible.) It was decided by the tellers to tell "family friendly" stories the first round, and then - something for adults the second round. So, no "Sacred, Faith or Inspirational." event was going to happen, I guess it was because, if it isn't in a church???? But, I don't know. There was/is a teller who inspired me (Jim Two Crows from Independence, MO - Totally Awesome.) There was one teller, a local favorite, who shared from his scary collection (scary is the most innocent word I can find to let you know it was dark . . DARK.) I stayed through the second round, the family stories were delightful, then, the same teller decided to share another - I needed to leave - I would be more comfortable waiting an extra bit of time at the bus stop than listen to . . . . . well, never mind, I'm certainly not going to dwell on it any longer.

BUT - tomorrow night is the final concert. The keynote tellers will be there presenting. It will be "Best Of Show." I'm certain there will be plenty to inspire, lift, encourage and delight.
I'll report back.

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