Thursday, April 10, 2008

Such A Time As This

It isn't just here, right here where I am staying, that seems crazy.
Look at the flame.
People believe so much in darkness, they try to grab it, they try to extinguish it.
The Flame stands for Harmony, Dreams, Hopes, Desires, Peace -
it stands for Brotherhood.
Why extinguish the Idea?
Why not peacefully be heard and understood?
Isn't it possible the Flame would stand for you, too?
Why not reach for Harmony and Understanding?
Is it possible the Ideal of the Flame could heal, help, bring about change?

As long as we continue in attack mode, we'll never find out,
we'll not experience the Power and Potential in Following the Precepts of Love.

I'm disappointed.
No, really, I had a personally disappointing experience Tuesday.
The people I was trying to bless (empower), honor -
decided to behave very much like the protesters in France
(in San Francisco, too I suppose, we just didn't see as much footage from California.
I have to tell you, as a Californian, I'm glad protective action was taken -
for whatever reason, but - that's another story.)

I realize that my personal situation is merely a reflection of the global mind set.
It wasn't even personal.
It couldn't have been because I was reaching out (with words) to heal and the response,
lengthy and loud,
did not reflect anything about who I am.

No Worries, God already has a plan for all of us.
Thing is, His "Plan A" - which we rarely experience in this world,
would have been Brilliant.

So, Happy Thursday -
I give a toast - a "shout out"
to Peace, Love, Brilliance, Inspiration, Hopes,
To The Flame and All It Stands For.

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