Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chinese security personnel escort the Olympic flame in a container upon arrival in Canberra in Australia, Wednesday, April. 23, 2008. (Rob Griffith / AP)

Guarding the flame. I can understand the wisdom, considering how so many feel it's their "duty" to endanger, capture or extinguish the bright hope.

Here's what I think for me. That this "guarding of the flame" is important to consider. I need to sit and consider the flame G-D has placed inside. Am I able to assist it to burn even more brightly. Am I able to stoke the flame to the point it can be a constant Guide for mySelf and, possibly others? If not, I may need to consider how to guard it, like cupped hands around a spark to shelter it from the faintest breeze, until it can be held gently against some proper fuel that will allow it to burn and eventually blaze.

What will my fuel source be? Spirit? Class Studies? Music?
By cupping my internal hands I protect the flame from - what???? Limited thought? Anger? Fanciful imagination, evil inclination? Ridicule? I think G-D has Protection around me, allowing my internal flame to glow with ever glowing confidence. I will cleave to My Father, Abba G-D, I will bring my flicker to Torah (Teaching) and feed upon what G-D gave us. Perhaps (with G-D's help) I shall become a bright, burning blaze for us all to see - to warm us all.

Please continue to guard the flame.
Continue to Guard The Flame.
Feed the Flame and Encourage it to Blaze.

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