Monday, February 25, 2008

Spanish proverb I rather enjoy:

Drink nothing without seeing it;
sign nothing without reading it.

-- Spanish Proverb

This makes me laugh.
It reminds me of a "great opportunity"
I was supposed to have ruined because I refused to sign a blank piece of paper.
I am just that kind of stubborn.
Can you just hear my laughter now?
The person who continued to insist, cajole, threaten and use the "threat"
"Everyone else did!"
Was very soon closing his business
people were losing their investments
Hm - what is it about not putting your name to unwanted situations???
of course, I STILL would refuse
(just didn't want any doubts about this stubborn streak of mine
I strongly suggest you adopt a similar policy
Although, as the children say:
"I am not the boos of you."

Happiest of Days to You!

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