Saturday, February 16, 2008

From a Friend:

A minor miracle occurred at Georgy Rock's Evening Lights
Feb. 15, 2008, at Unity Church of Peace in Lemay.

At the end of the evening, I changed the diaper of my 7-month-old granddaughter, Emma Marie. I realized that was the first diaper I had changed by myself since my son was about 2 years old: nearly 24 years ago! Anyway, Emma was none too pleased about something and began crying loudly. She has her mom's loud voice, God love her! My efforts and my wife's efforts to calm her weren't working. We then clumsily teamed up to put on her coat. I felt like we were in a Three Stooges scene, but we got the coat on without damaging anyone or anything. That's not the miracle.

Georgy, who had met Emma early in the evening when Grandma Judy introduced her, and again when I carried her to the sanctuary after the concert, came downstairs and sang to our grandchild a made-up a song with Emma's name in it. Not only did Emma stop crying immediately, she looked right at Georgy and smiled her biggest smile of the night. Thereafter, Emma Marie was perfectly calm and attentive as I, Paw Paw, schlepped her to a car. That Georgy is some angel.

During the wonderful evening of storytelling and song, Emma and I stayed downstairs in Fellowship Hall. She played with my face while I identified to her the various parts she grabbed or touched. ("Emmuh, 'at's Baw-Baw's mowf.") Then, while Georgy was singing a peaceful song that was easy to learn and carried down the steps to Fellowship Hall, Georgy and I sang her to sleep.

Look for Georgy's calendar and go see her. You'll thank yourself, and her.

Bill Townsend, Pacific MO

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