Tuesday, February 26, 2008

For the longest time I've felt rotten

because the church I was sent here to serve "blacklisted" me.
Isn't that bizarre?
Now, why I should have focused on that one incident, I don't know it's been odd like this from the start. about two weeks after I arrived to serve
(the larger story - I arrived here in 1982, because God asked me to serve),
About two weeks after I arrived I started offering music for our Tuesday Payer meeting.
Before service ladies were passing around greeting cards and discussing who was sick, who to send flowers to, who was in trouble - well, unfortunately for me, I was studying healing then - or, should I say God was teaching me about Healing - (something we could all stand to learn more about) - and, without considering - I spoke up with the suggestion that we go - right then - to look in the church records and find the person who has set the best example of health - and send all the cards and flowers to them - thanking them. The room got quiet, then an older lady said rather sternly, "Let's don't sing, let's pray." Later that day the minister called me to come take away my guitar, they did not need my services at that church. Within two weeks I was requested to do the "hospital calls" (and I often got into trouble because the sick were healed faster than social services planned.) Within two months I was asked to continue serving at that same church, and to head the adult bible study. It's been off & on all these years. So, being "blacklisted" should not have phased me at all - don't you think?

ANYWAY - today I read these words and, in the reminding, felt relieved:
Jesus never invited anyone to the temple to come and hear Him;
He was usually thrown out of the temple.
He touched people outside and in the market places.

Okay, I'm in good company.

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