Friday, January 11, 2008

So Much Has Happened!

I have returned from our first "intensive."
That word, "Intensive" could give the wrong impression.
The only thing "Intense" about our gathering
was the Joy
The Holiness
The Love
It was Intensively Awesome.

Our class is marvelous.
Although, sadly, one of us could not make it due to injury.
I must remember to pray protection for all of us in future.
We gained another classmate.
Her name is Rachael
and we all love her already.

We did not get a remembrance of her in our first class photo
because she needed to leave early to catch a plane.
Too Bad For Us.

I am looking forward to more, more, more.
I am making changes to support my new growth.

I hope you are reaching for something wonderful as well.

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