Friday, January 11, 2008

Another "Rose Is Rose"

You already know "Rose Is Rose" is my favorite comic strip.
This clip reminds me of a story I just heard.
There was a holy place people visited often
and, in the winter it was a treacherous and difficult journey.
The shortest way was over a mountain.
Of course, in Summer, that would present few challenges,
but in winter that mountain pass was covered with deep snow, and often thick ice.
There was one teacher who made the journey every week,
crossing easily over the mountain without a single slip, or fall.
When his students asked how this was possible
he told them
When you hold on above
You would not fall below.

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Anonymous said...

I recently created a blog and was playing around yesterday and came across your blog. Any chance you could please share with me how you added the clock? I would greatly appreciate it. Carol