Saturday, November 03, 2007


I have been thinking about class last Tuesday.

One of my beautiful classmates wondered
how she would ever be able to do what was expected.
She studies everyday and practices what she learns.
She also works.
It was brought up in class about "Torah Study."
Her concern was about how many hours in a day.
Where could she find more time to study scripture?

Our teacher is wise.
He explained that "Torah"
means "Teaching."
It's true that it also means the five books of Moses,
and the Psalms, and the Prophets
But - it means study or the teaching of things that lead us to God
To Our True Self
The One

So, it reminded me of a story I learned from our teacher
about the Holiday that is celebrated when we come to the end of the Book
and start over.
There is a day - a Holiday
when we dance with the Torah.

So, there was a group of students dancing with their teacher
(The Baal Shem Tove - Master of the Good Name)
and the Torah
(The scrolls they learn from)
and, as it was being handed from the teacher
to a student
someone in the room realized the teacher
became the Torah.
His Life Is A Torah.

We all become the
Word of God
by dancing/living in Joy
the things we learn
about who we are
The One.

What do you think?

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