Friday, September 07, 2007

Storming Like Crazy

Oops! What is happening? I have friends playing music at a huge art festival outside this evening and it's storming like crazy. Yikers! I assured them the planners would be prepared for rain, which is what we had all day. But this is a step beyond rain. Stormy. Well, one thing for sure, God Knows what He's doing.

I picked up a magazine this afternoon and on the back page my old friend, Swami Beyond Ananda had an article. That man is so funny. I remember all of us trying to sit quietly and relax in the mountains, even two days after his concert ans we still were laughing so hard - meditation in any traditional way was out of the question.

My class has begun and it's better than I hoped. Two years of bliss is what we're lookin' at.

yes, I promise to produce events sharing what I learn. I promise to start soon.

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