Monday, September 03, 2007

Simply Splendid

I wouldn't know where to start sharing all the good found in this weekend. So, I'm not going to try. Instead I'll tell you everything, weather, events, new friend, work - all woven together makes this the beginning of a personal year that promises to fulfill every hope I've ever had.

Sounds like an overstatement, i know - you just had to be here - since you weren't - please take my happy word for it.

I also got to see the movie, "Moliere." I loved it. It's a story in a story and it works well. It gives the feel of a life lived, and showed snippets of how the productions might have been offered in their beginning. Since I was allowed to study Moliere instead of Shakespeare (a gift of education i have always been grateful for . . ) This movie reminded me of happy times. Of course, it's good to know Moliere is being celebrated. I bet more people would love to know about his work.

So, we move into this new month - I'm looking forward to my "first day of school."

What are you doing?

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