Thursday, September 27, 2007

"It shall be that all those who are left over from the nations who have invaded Jerusalem will come up every year to worship the King Hashem, Master of Legions, and to celebrate the festival of Tabernacles (Succot)" (Zechariah 14:16).

Isn't it wonderful? There is always more to learn.
"...time and again we indeed find that the greatest lives are those beset by travail and challenge; that the most balanced personalities are forged by the need to deal with changing circumstances and to constantly adapt to new climates and environments.

. . .Why is it that the individual who enjoys a tranquil existence is never as "fragrant" and "delectable" as the one who is battered by the vicissitudes of life?"

from I was studying this morning - and this encouraged me. I've had a challenging time of it for the last while - now I see it's all meant for Good.
Thank God!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Monday Nights

Lately, on Monday evenings I've been on the phone with a collection of smart and interesting people studying the Baal Shem Tov (Master of The Holy Name.) Unlike most classes, we have begun to discuss (and add to our lives) the essence of the subject, instead of studying "facts." It's the best way to study ever. I wonder no one has decided this is how edcation should be.

Perhaps it's only because the teacher is so remarkable.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hilda enters a curtain shop and asked the assistant for a very small set of curtains.
the assistant asks "why are you looking for such a small set of curtains?"
"well" says Hilda "its for my computer"
Confused, the assistant replies "madam, computers don't need curtains"

Smiling, Hilda says "HELLO!!! It's got Windows"


19th Century Chassids

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quote of the Day

"The only way to have a friend is to be one."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bedtime Prayer by Rabbi Michael Lerner

YOU, my ETERNAL FRIEND, WITNESS now that I forgive anyone who hurt or upset me or who offended me-

- damaging my body, my property, my reputation
- or damaging people that I love--
whether by accident or purposely-- with words, deeds, thoughts or attitudes.

I forgive every person who has hurt or upset me.

May no one be punished because of me.

May no one suffer from karmic consequences for hurting or upsetting me.

Help me, Eternal Friend, to keep from offending You and others.
Help me to be thoughtful and not commit outrage by doing what is evil in Your eyes.

Whatever sins I have committed, blot out, please, in Your abundant kindness, and spare me suffering or harmful illnesses.

Help me become aware of the ways I may have unintentionally or intentionally hurt others,
- and please give me guidance and strength to rectify those hurts--- and to develop the sensitivity to not continue acting in a hurtful way.

Let me forgive others,
- let me forgive myself--but also let me change in ways that make it easy for me to avoid paths of hurtfulness to others.

I seek peace, let me BE peace.
I seek justice, let me be just.
I seek a world of kindness, let me be kind.
I seek a world of generosity, let me be generous with all that I have.
I seek a world of sharing, let me share all that I have.
I seek a world of giving, let me be giving to all around me.
I seek a world of love-- let me be loving beyond all reason,
beyond all normal expectation, beyond all societal frameworks that tell me how much love is "normal,"
- beyond all fear that giving too much love will leave me with too little.

And let me be open and sensitive to all the love that is already coming to me,
- the love of people I know,
- the love that is part of the human condition,
- the accumulated love of past generations that flows through and is embodied in the language,
o music, recipes, technology,
o literature, religions, agriculture,
o and family heritages that have been passed on to me and to us.

Let me pass that love on to the next generations in an even fuller and more explicit way.

Source of goodness and love in the universe, let me be alive to all the goodness that surrounds me.
And let that awareness of the goodness and love of the universe be my shield and protector.

Hear the words of my mouth and may the meditations of my heart find acceptance before You, Eternal Friend, who protects and frees me.

Monday, September 10, 2007

"One who engages in illusions of grandeur is fooling no one but himself. And what's the big deal about fooling a fool?"

Rabbi DovBer

Exodus 12:2 "This month shall be to you the beginning of months"
Study thoughts for this day.
Super appropriate for today.
Kinda makes me grin, knowing God provides
what we need
for exactly the right time.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cowboy Film

A Really Good One.

School has FINALLY begun. It's better than I imagined. I've learned (through the reading assignments) that many of the things I wished for are actually true. I just didn't know where to look before. This is a two year course, I can't even imagine the treasure that will be uncovered for me. I promise to share with you.

When I know about future presentations, I'll post them -

of course you are invited.

One of the wonderful recommendations our teacher has made is for us to find a mentor close to us. (He is our mentor, of course, but he is far away. It's better to have someone close, someone who can know us better, easier.)

I am here, at my desktop, trying to compose a letter to the




Rabbi Susan Talve.

I know she is one of the busiest people in the region. Perhaps God will whisper into her ear that I would truly honor her help and do my best to make her proud.

Ooooh, I shiver with hope.

'bye for now!

ps - How could I forget? The comic strip is from my favorite - "Rose Is Rose."

Look at the first picture
and you can see where this guy broke through the guard rail
(right side where the people are standing on the road).
His truck left the road, traveling from right to left.
He flipped end-over-end,
across the culvert outlet and landed on the left side of it.
Now look at the 2nd picture below

Friday, September 07, 2007

from my friend:

THE GINGHAM DRESS................

A lady in a faded gingham dress and her husband, dressed in a homespun threadbare suit, steppedoff the train in Boston, and walked timidly without an appointment into the Harvard UniversityPresident's outer office.
The Secretary could tell in a moment that such backwoods, country hicks had no business atHarvard and probably didn't even deserve to be in Cambridge.

"We'd like to see the president," the man said softly."He'll be busy all day," the secretary snapped.
"We'll wait," the lady replied.
For hours the secretary ignored them, hoping that the couple would finally become discouraged andgo away.They didn't, and the secretary grew frustrated and finally decided to disturb the president, eventhough it was a chore she always regretted."Maybe if you see them for a few minutes, they'll leave," she said to him!He sighed in exasperation and nodded. Someone of his importance obviously didn't have the time tospend with them, and he detested gingham dresses and homespun suits cluttering up his outer office.The president, stern faced and with dignity, strutted toward the couple.The lady told him, "We had a son who attended Harvard for one year. He loved Harvard. He was happy here. But about a year ago, he was accidentally killed. My husband and I would like to erect a memorial to him, somewhere on campus."
The president wasn't touched. He was shocked."Madam," he said, gruffly, "we can't put up a statue for every person who attended Harvard and died.
If we did, this place would look like a cemetery.""Oh, no," the lady explained quickly. "We don't want to erect a statue.? We thought we would like to give a building to Harvard."The president rolled his eyes. He glanced at the gingham dress and homespun suit, then exclaimed, "A building! Do you have any earthly idea how much a building costs? We have over seven and a half million dollars in the physical buildings here at Harvard."For a moment the lady was silent. The president was pleased. Maybe he could get rid of them now.The lady turned to her husband and said quietly, "Is that all it cost to start a university? Why don't we just start our own? "Her husband nodded. The president's face wilted in confusion and bewilderment.
Mr. and Mrs. Leland Stanford got up and walked away, traveling to Palo Alto, California where theyestablished the university that bears their name, Stanford University, a memorial to a son that Harvard no longer cared about.You can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who they think can do nothingfor them.---- A TRUE STORY by Malcolm Forbes"People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did." "But people will never forget how you made them feel".

Storming Like Crazy

Oops! What is happening? I have friends playing music at a huge art festival outside this evening and it's storming like crazy. Yikers! I assured them the planners would be prepared for rain, which is what we had all day. But this is a step beyond rain. Stormy. Well, one thing for sure, God Knows what He's doing.

I picked up a magazine this afternoon and on the back page my old friend, Swami Beyond Ananda had an article. That man is so funny. I remember all of us trying to sit quietly and relax in the mountains, even two days after his concert ans we still were laughing so hard - meditation in any traditional way was out of the question.

My class has begun and it's better than I hoped. Two years of bliss is what we're lookin' at.

yes, I promise to produce events sharing what I learn. I promise to start soon.

Thanks for stopping by, please leave a message.
'bye for now . . or . .

Monday, September 03, 2007

Simply Splendid

I wouldn't know where to start sharing all the good found in this weekend. So, I'm not going to try. Instead I'll tell you everything, weather, events, new friend, work - all woven together makes this the beginning of a personal year that promises to fulfill every hope I've ever had.

Sounds like an overstatement, i know - you just had to be here - since you weren't - please take my happy word for it.

I also got to see the movie, "Moliere." I loved it. It's a story in a story and it works well. It gives the feel of a life lived, and showed snippets of how the productions might have been offered in their beginning. Since I was allowed to study Moliere instead of Shakespeare (a gift of education i have always been grateful for . . ) This movie reminded me of happy times. Of course, it's good to know Moliere is being celebrated. I bet more people would love to know about his work.

So, we move into this new month - I'm looking forward to my "first day of school."

What are you doing?