Thursday, August 16, 2007

"There are signs of Love's control and its divine influence
everywhere. All expressions of Life originate in Love, are congruent
with it and inseparable from it. All elements of creation are
preserved and environed in the uninterrupted continuity of perfect
being. As a result, our existence is the continual enjoyment of this
fundamental reality. Matter and its claims of presence, power, action,
are unknown in the nature, atmosphere and environment of wisdom and
(MZ E)

My friend, Dan, sent a reminder today. We were given an assignment to pray for our environment. He's found an expanded view and understanding of environment. It's interesting and enlightening.

Me, all I can say is:
"We know God is the most important. We remember to always LOVE."

I start from there.
Today, I must remember about bearing "false witness."
I have come to believe that grumbling about the ways and behaviour of another person is not right and i must stop. I must keep quiet and remember everyone belongs to, was created by, God.

Happy Thursday.

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