Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I'm working a second job to earn tuition for school.
It's a wonderful opportunity. I use my skills to help people I like. The perk is, I get to take my dog to work, so that's sweet.

A couple times a day I check the internet. I read the news, look at my personal email to see if there's anything I need to attend to. (Yes, I still take care of my own business.)

Today my teacher sent a thought that put things into perspective. He shared about a service that was so beautiful the people celebrated by dancing for joy. There was a visitor from the former Soviet Union. This man enjoyed the service but, when asked he said it was more meaningful "back home."

When questioned about his worship practices in his homeland the man explained that worshiping God was seen as anti-Soviet. So, you'd be noticed, reported and lose your job.

My teacher shared that many Holy People have been put to death for displaying their faith.

I realized, if only for an instant, how fortunate I am. I can express my faith. I can work to study more about God and the people who love Him.

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