Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Moving A Little S-L-O-W

It's not a bad thing, you know - this taking your time, moving slowly. When I was a child in Los Angeles I used to laugh at the movie scenes of people living in the South strolling along at a leisurely pace. of course, now I know the scenes were meant to be funny, back then labeling and stereotypes were common.

When I moved to the South I quickly came to know HUMIDITY. I learned the air can become heavy and sticky and moving is problematic. You must move slowly.

Now, I've been on earth a while and slowly gets me where I want to go. Hurry is something I prefer not to consider. And, on days like today, I'm grateful for the habits built in Nashville, Tennessee - slow and steady, keep a ready smile - it's all going to be okay.

Heat like today reminds me of the scripture/song - "To Everything There Is A Season." it will be cool soon enough. I'm just gonna take it slow for now.

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