Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Can See!

Lordy! Have you seen me recently? All this mass of silvery hair curling and flyin' all over the place. It's a good thing I'm riding the bus because I certainly couldn't see to drive.

I promise you, I've been doing my very best to remedy this. It's even gotten to the point I brought out my old hair scissors for a good old "do-it-yourself" moment before the mirror.

I tried to find a "hoity-toity" hair dresser. Since my life is improving and God seems to have plenty for me to do, it's time I begin paying attention to the things I can change/improve. Building a relationship with a hair dresser might be a good thing. Golly! They've become superstars around here. getting an appointment is - well, I gather you need to bribe them. Some won't even answer their phones and, if you finally get a person - the appointment time is another issue.

Okay, Okay, I have a concert Friday and I really want to see the place (and the people.) I went to pick up my mail and stopped in a quickie cut place. There was an hour wait so I attended to an errand and came back. I met a really nice lady named ANN (I will not forget this wonderful lady) who gave me a dream hair cut - which I LOVE - and, I'm as cute as anything - and can SEE (maybe not like a bible story - but I WAS Blind and now I DO see . . . . hey!)

So, I'm styling. You know where I'm going from now on, right?

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