Sunday, August 19, 2007

Good Morning!

Crazy Dreams.  Finally this new day begins. It's really early.  I get to be at the church early to set up.  We are doing "special music," which includes a brand new song and one we haven't done in a year (no rehearsal, yikes!!!!  No wonder the crazy dreams, huh?)  Then I get to run music with the choir and afterwards direct the children's chorus.  I wonder how many will be on vacation.  Well, five hours will answer the question.  It's hot and raining.  What a combination.  All this and the thing on my mind is God, or G-D as my friends would type.  Perhaps they would say Hashem, The name.  Either way, God is on my mind.  I'd like to just sit and love on Him.  I'd like to hold His hand like children do, and share stories and take a nap and feel safe (like children do.)  That's all, really.  No matter the weather report or the action at hand - I always seem to yearn for My Father.
Happy Sunday

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