Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I feel like beginning this with "Dear Diary." Except, I have no diary and that seems so dweeby. It's just that I realized I was about to go to sleep and I hadn't shared anything today. I suppose the cool thing was actually yesterday. I walked across town to get to the Metrolink to get home. There were security people and big "Stop - Secure Area" signs. Not what one wants to see when traveling home at night. The security person was armed and looked serious until I asked if there would be a shuttle downstairs. He smiled as if it were holiday and told me there would be someone wearing a yellow shirt to direct me. There was - a smiling lady who had me board a bus that took me directly to the Metro stop I desired, in time to catch a number 57 - which got me home one half hour earlier that expected. Now, that's spiffy.

Night All

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