Friday, August 17, 2007

Concerts for a Cause

My friend Mitzi is one of the producers of "Concerts For A Cause." The concert is tonight - one hour - 7 to 8 P.M.
You are certainly welcome.

Hi Folks!!
hope everyone is doing their best to stay cool this week...'she's a corker out there!'
St. Marks Church will be nice and cool on Friday night with the wonderful Georgy Rock and Bob Dill
giving a concert for Bridgeway. I am very excited! 7 to 8pm

Bridgeway is a non-profit organization specilizing in treatment and services for addiction disorders, domestice violence, and sexual assult. They are based in St. Charles and have been serving this area since 1978. They have helped ALOT of people through some very troubling times.

Georgy Rock was one of the very first singer/songwriters I saw when I came to St. Louis 20 years ago, and she is amazing! I loved her immediately because her heart is right out there for all to see. Bob Dill is such a diverse and talented musician. He's an orchestra all by himself! Bring your friends! Bring your kids!
..they will love Georgy and Bob...story telling is worked into alot of their music, hand motions, audience participation, etc.

below is the link for further info on the concert, directions, etc.
admission is a foldable donation....that's it.
the address of St. Marks is 4717 Clifton Ave. ST. Louis 63109

Plese click on the link to see the upcoming lineup for Concerts for a Cause!
Hope to see you there,

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