Monday, August 20, 2007


Today my bus ride was memorable.
Memorable in the very best way.
Waiting for the first bus of my journey, a man came up to offer his morning greetings.  he spent a few beaming moments sharing about the book he just finished.  It's an "end time" book by a rather well known evangelist.  Here, on a stormy morning, this man is confident to share his best gift, his faith.  We were not riding the same bus, so our company was parted.  It gave me time to share happy morning thoughts with one of the classiest drivers on our route.  Halfway to my first stop an interesting lady boarded.  She had a cane, red shorts and knee pads.  her close cut silver hair was held tightly against her head by the visor she wore.  She looked me over carefully.  The red-shorts lady and I got off at the same place.  She took the stairs at a much more confident clip, and found a lady to talk with along the way.  But, by the time I found a good place to wait for the light rail, Ms. Red-Shorts had found me and instigated conversation.  Oh, I'm glad she did.  She's really interesting.  On her way to a doctor's appointment.  She goes regularly to check on her retina.  I suppose both.  She works in a school cafeteria washing dishes.  I wondered at the time if she realized her job was tremendously important.  I remembered to wave at her when I got off the train several stops before her.
My adventure in town was wonderful, but, of course, that's another story.
The way home was even better.  It's Divine Coincidence I caught the train home I did because normally I would have entertained myself with several other visits while I was there.  I have a reason to be home today, however so . . . . Now, wouldn't you guess I found myself in conversation with a beautiful young lady, with stunning caramel-amber colored eyes.  her name is Tamika and she is a new student at Missouri College, majoring in digital animation.  We shared back and fort and, right before our bus arrived, Ms. Red-Shorts arrived.  She was glad to see me.  It's true that happy coincidences like that seem special to bus riders.  I introduced Red-Shorts to Tamika, Red-Shorts offered her name (Jane.)  She knew the day was special because generally an early morning appointment at the eye clinic takes all day and here she was, riding home an hour and a half later.
There was a Chinese girl, rather young - asking us questions.  The note she showed us had beautiful writing in delicate boxy squiggles, interspersed with American words - impossible for any of us to read.  Many people tried to assist, but we could not guess what her desired destination was - or where.  A gorgeous gentleman of color wrote down all the information, including phone number, for her to call for assistance and information.  She did not understand the phone system when it answered her -
We could not help her get to a place with no specific destination.  Although everyone on the bus wanted to help . . . .
Such is our community.
So much to share from the few early hours of this day.
But, Like I said - that's another story.

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