Thursday, May 17, 2007

While looking at books I saw this amazing review:

1. To help yourself give other people the benefit of the doubt, think of rationalizations that might help, just as if you were making excuses for yourself

2. Praying for others when they are sick is a fine thing, but why not go further by praying for those with other problems such as financial or relationship issues?

3. When visiting friend you haven't seen in awhile, say the Shecheyanu prayer to thank God for the privilege;

4. If someone is getting on your nerves, think of ways in which they might be superior to you;

5. Chant "Do not be easily angered" (al tehi noach lekos) to calm yourself down if you feel yourself getting angry.

I just "Had" to share it with you. I'd like to put this into practise . . . .


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