Monday, March 26, 2007

Where Oh Where Is My Camera?

Two brilliant things to share and my camera needs to power up.
First, there is the return of three unusually marked birds. They were here last year and the expert at the bird store could not tell from my description what they are. I have a bird book to look them up and, i can't find their likeness. I'm thrilled they have decided to stop by again. I have special food out for them. Right now they are reluctant to stay very long because
I have new next door neighbors - the human kind. There's a lot of in and out activity, understandable in a move in. hey! The birds go in and out of the hole in the tree and they don't have a sofa to carry, so as the kids say, "It's all good."
BUT!!!!! The new neighbors (young, about to be married, with a basset hound) are FLAMINGO people. I'm totally in love with them already. The flamingos aren't pink plastic, like the classic models, they are white - maybe wire or something - but, it's more than enough to make my heart beat with joy.
Well, until next time (maybe I'll get the camera out there, yet.)

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