Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"When he had consulted with the people, he appointed singers to sing to the Lord and praise Him in their holy [priestly] garments as they went out before the army, saying, Give thanks to the Lord, for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever!"
(2 Chronicles 20:21, Amp)

I'm looking forward to a few things this month. It's terrific to have things to look forward to - or, towards . . . whatever.

If i used those icons that described the mood of the moment . . (Why don't I use those? I'll have to think about it . . . ) I'd have to say "Waif." Silly, isn't it? I wander around inside myself feeling a little lost. I laugh, remembering jokes my parents told, using the term "little orphan annie" - Ah, well. I like how the kids say,"WHATEVER." That's me at the moment.

I've read some blogs from Scotland this morning. Lovely, lovely things to read and they have plenty to say. How is it a performing artist could have plenty to say on a stage and be so quiet on the page, where it needs to be - as I'm not ON Stage lately - so, the work has changed, shifted, morphed.

I've got a homesick kind of thing going on. That's the goofy part because - well, duh . . homesick for where, what or who? See what I mean? silly.

So, I return to the "work" of the moment.
Singing Praise in my Highest Thinking (holy garments) - making a way for the others to do their work - I get it. Back to study, prayer and praise - and the where, what and who - most likely will be answered - or satisfied.

hi-de-ho from the restless one.

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