Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I am in such a great mood. Tonight your "story lady" (Troubadour) gets to visit the kingdom of storytellers. Yes, I get to spend the night with new and old friends while we laugh and snort, and swap tales of the realm. That in itself would be plenty but, I'm the special one because a chariot will come pick me up and take me home when I'm ready to leave. yep. Even though I remind some of "Cinderella," like the portrait here - I was proven royalty a long time ago and I'm treated accordingly. Isn't that nice? It was time for me to reclaim mySelf and as soon as I did the SpiritWalker Status I'd earned so log ago was reinstated and I am happy.

To day is a happy day. I'll study, write, walk with the dog.
Tonight is a meeting in the Magical Realm of Wonder.

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