Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm feeling funky for sure.
I thought I'd want to dance around the building singing wicked tunes - but I don't. I feel bad. I'm sorry they didn't turn things around in time. I'm sorry people were hurt. I know the minister meant to teach "Truth" and just got stuck along the way.

They were willing to throw me away for pointing out the obvious - instead of finding answers that work. I should be happy . . Celebratory.

he treated me rudely - badly - and was willing to lie - or resort to manipulation rather than adjust to the principles he claimed to understand.

Their "center" (church) is closing this week. It should be closed - because they thought they knew more than God and could do everything their own way.

Still, It's sad.

It's also God's statement that - while their community fought and fell apart - believing themselves holy, totally advanced in understanding, in "consciousness" -and now is disappearing altogether - right across the street - for everyone to see - a Korean, Presbyterian Church has had to expand, taking the better part of a block to fit their new buildings - hiring police and security to assist people in parking -

God Wins.
He always does.
He always will.

I'm singing praises - grateful, thankful, happy - I know God is ultimately in control and
All Is Well.

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