Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Refugee Day

One Day!
How nice it would be if the suffering was one day long and then, everyone could go to the home of their heart and live a peace filled, prosperous life.
We remember One Day.
Maybe we'll send some money.
Hopefully we'll pray
because turning these issues to God is the most powerful thing we can do.
Well, That's what i believe.
I believe Our Father can do Anything.
Do you know more than 50% of the refugees in the world are children?
What kind of a life are they having?
Do you realize there are still refugees from the Tsunami?
June 20th
World Refugee Day
This beautiful "Blue Marble"
Floating through space is our home.
Perhaps we are all refugees -
At least, as long as we forget Love Rules the World.
Until we allow Love to rule our hearts -
Too Big for me to think all these things.
Dear Father, You have "Many Mansions"
My heart is breaking for those who have no home.
Please tell them You are Home for Everyone.
Let the Healing Begin.

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