Friday, June 02, 2006

From Duke

In life it seems we hit speed bumps, road blocks and detours
on a regular basis so what do we do? Most people just want to
complain about the obstacles and keep all their energy there-if
you are stuck there you can't go anywhere else.

I even knew a group of kids once that didn't like a neighborhood
speed bump and spent all night pouring gasoline on the asphalt
bump so they could break it up and tear it apart. By morning
light they had succeeded, but what did they gain? Actually
they lost a night of sleep and within days the bump was back.

People who focus on the problems never get very far.

If something happens to throw you off in life you are left
with choices:
1. Focus on the problem and complain
2. Look for an even better opportunity

Personally I look at my life as "blessed" meaning that I believe
God is doing everything in the universe to help me succeed. So
if something comes up like a project falling through, or someone
not doing what they said, I expect an even greater result to be
on the horizon. Maybe the timing was not right, maybe other
elements were not in place whatever it may be. I don't try to
figure it out and I don't just through up my hands and say "It
was destiny, maybe it was not meant to be" I expect something
equal or better (usually better) to come along and I haven't
been disappointed yet.

Now take a deep breath and don't throw chairs at your computer
and don't get mad at me, but I going to say something a lot of
people don't like to hear. I do not believe that God uses
tragedy or misfortune to get your attention, teach you lessons
or punish you. I know people talk about all the good that can

come out of tragedy, but there is still the tragedy to deal
with I don't believe that is God's way. He is love and He is
light and in Him is no darkness at all so that can't be His
way. Now I could go on to do an hour or so presentation on
this but for now just consider it. There are enough evil forces
at work in the world without God having to cause misfortune.

If any good does come from tragedy it is simply because people
made a choice to look for something better and not dwell on the
tragedy. My point here today is not to argue about this but to
point out that we should never let blocks in life keep us down.
We should just look for an escape, a way out to a great path of
success-if you look hard enough it will always be there.

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