Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Faith Buiding Continues

"Faith is higher and more spiritual than belief. It is a chrysalis state of human thought, in which spiritual evidence, contradicting the testimony of material sense, begins to appear, and Truth, the ever-present, is becoming understood."
-From Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy297:20-24
Did I tell you? I've had two teachers in the last couple of years decide to "dis" my Faith. Anyone knowing me would realize I have the Faith of God. Unfortunately for me - the first one proved herself false, although the message she was relaying was "right on the mark." The second teacher has gotten confused - believing himself to be Creator. His teaching was one to run from - I tried to make a difference, it turned out the best statement I could make was self-removal.
Today Kenneth pointed out so many Truths about "Our Faith" that helped shed light on what had happened and - better yet, heal my "battle wounds." Earlier it was strongly suggested if a teacher is "dis-ing" the Word - RUN!!!!! (don't walk.) Now I'm glad I did.
Hey! I liked when Kenneth pointed out that Gloria is the most final person in Faith. (*I would like to be more like that mySelf.) He even shared that once she "came down hard" on him reminding him that it takes the same time for belief or unbelief - so, which shall we choose?
Then for me, the best part was the reminder that we are not like the world. They will not understand us - we might as well just know that and move along with our Life -
I am feeling stronger every day.
How about you?

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