Monday, February 06, 2006


Oh, I love this lady, as if I knew her in person. Of course, that can't be. She moved along before I arrived here. Still, her words, the thoughts she shares and her life story inspire me. I've been reading lately her reminders to look to Spirit. The more we focus on God's Nature and away from what "seems to be" - We are able to master our situation and - oh golly, doesn't this sound like Jesus . . . heal the sick - then, I'm thinking, if we are about healing the sick - doesn't it follow we would raise the dead? I know, I know lots of you would think I'd fallen off the "deep end." (Deep end of what, I wonder.) But, with all our "new thought" understanding and talk - how about some real "miracle" action. If it's so that Love, Peace, Abundant Life is Supremely Natural - let's have a go at it - don't you think it would be splendid to experience "Heaven on Earth?" Isn't that the point? Since we've been told heaven is here (heaven is at hand . . "They Kingdom Come" - "on earth as it is . . .") Well, okay - I'd like to hear from you - and as for me - I'm still reaching for the possible - MZ E managed - if she can - we can - if we can - I can -


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