Monday, January 02, 2006

The gentleman who served me today looked just like this painting.
he was amazing,too. He was a great server. He insisted I order first because "Ladies go first."
he provided me with the little things that make a dining experience perfect (and, we were in a common restaurant, Not what most would consider fine dining.) here's what brought me to tears. He had been serving another table nearby. When they left, someone came to clear the table - then the server walked over to receive his tip. No, he didn't "take it." he received it and gave thanks. He crossed himself and kissed the hand holding the money and gratefully placed it in his pocket. I am honored to have been served by this great person.

Everything every mortal thought has been burned away.

All that remains is Spirit.

That's all I desire.

That Is my desire.

Happy 2006

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