Monday, December 19, 2005

What a day!

I had a perfect day and an interesting night. Have I forgotten this is the week of JOY? Yes, I think maybe I'd let it slip. Sunday it was suggested I take a prescription - the kind you can't overdose on and the more you take it - the better life gets. The idea is to think the improved thought. For instance, since I noticed I let the celebration of JOY slip, I can now remember and think, "I fan the flame of JOY which replaces sorrow. I am bubbling over with JOY right now!"

Okay, I'm doing that right now. Did you remember theweeks included "Gifts of the Heart?" They are:
Hope - Peace - Love - Joy.
I sure could use a dose of Christ right now.
"I listen to the voice of Christ in my life."
Hurry up Christmas, be born brand new in me. . . please.

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