Thursday, December 22, 2005

Joyful Thursday

I'm learning it doesn't matter what anyone says - or has to offer - especially if they "slam" you. What matters is your own heart. What matters most is what God has to say. God is LOVE. God is YES! and SO IT IS! Anyone having any other action or word to express - well, they are just sharing a limited opinion - generally because they are full of their little ideas and want to be right, in control or feel more important than everyone around them. That's unfortunate - but - it's "error thinking" and there isn't a single one of us that has to accept it. We don't even have to take offense, or point it out, or "discuss' or view. If, like me, you are still working out your own path, you can mull it over, or take it to Spirit and let it be worked out. What a PERFECT time to go about personal, Spiritual growth - here during the time of JOY. I aim to "fan the flame of JOY." I aim to become what is possible for me. (I hope to do so in a positive, way showing manner so I eventually demonstrate God's Peace.)
I first saw this picture on the Scotsman website - I tried to purchase a copy to put on my wall - but, it didn't work out. That was a very long time ago - maybe two years. I was overjoyed to see it again. It was on a seller page on eBay - of all places. It wasn't for sale, just an expression to generate attention - doesn't it look happy? I really enjoy this view. If I DO find it for sale. I'll still put it on my wall.

That silver headed lady with the Saint - it's me.

Every year I get to introduce Saint Nicholas to the children Guess what? They understand His message so well,

they bring gifts for Him to distribute to others -

I really enjoy helping.


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