Friday, December 23, 2005

Can You Join Us?

So many unexpected changes have occurred this year. I started out KNOWING how everything would work out a certain (wonderful) way. It is, afterall, the "Year Of Overflow." Well, overflow, it certainly has. I mean, this year has been a virtual FLOOD. By Valentine's Day I realized the plan I had so carefully put into place wasn't going to come to pass - at least, not in any recognizable way. Then I moved from adventure to adventure - always fully supported by My Lord - (as we say "The Lord of My Heart.") Here I am, looking at the celebrations coming up and preparing my heart for More Christ - I understand this year better and I'm overwhelmed by God's tremendous LOVE for me - for us all. Yes, just as Promised, this year is overflowing with God's Goodness and This Plan is so much better, happier, fuller than the one I thought I wanted.

I hope you are looking back and finding LOTS & LOTS totally directed by God and that your heart is feeling flooded with gratitude. I just hope you are happy.

Anyway, we are participating in a Unity Candlelighting Service Christmas Eve - I want to invite you. If you don't live close, I invite you to a service somewhere close to your home. You'll like it, I'm pretty sure. You don't have to be Christian to enjoy it. The celebration is MORE than a religion thing. It's a GOD thing, a LOVE thing, a LIGHT (Illumination) thing - and, if you are predisposed to love a spiritual life, you'll be comfortable. Besides, I'd personally like it if you would lend your light to mine. I'm learning to do the same for you - where ever you are.

Here's where we'll be: - It's Saturday evening, 7p.
I'll remember to think about you - even if you can't make it - when I light my candle and place it next to the others. Merry Christmas - Happy Happy whatever YOU may be celebrating this time of year and . . . . A wonderful year of fulfillment in the days to come -


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