Monday, December 26, 2005


Hanukkah - Kwanza
Lights - Candles

We went out to do a couple of chores.
There were so many people out doing similar things.
Places were crowded.
It was interesting trying to keep some kind of inner balance.
How did Jesus do it?
Well, first of all, he didn't.
He didn't look at mall parking lots with a hired security directing the flow
and trying to keep people from expressing themselves violently.
He didn't have this media push to purchase 'til you drop.
I bet Jesus would be surprised to see some of the stuff -
most of it has some type of loving expression to it -
but, lots of it is done with the idea of Jesus as it's originator.

It's easier to see how people would get ruffled up by the "Jesus" idea when they feel pressure to purchase. Plenty of people will purchase so much they will still be paying on the bills this time next year. C'mon. That can't be balanced. That isn't anything close to what's mentioned in the gospels.

I admit, I'm not the best with crowds. people never believe me when I admit this because I've been an entertainer all my life. Still, it's true.

I'll go for the idea of the candles, the lights, the hope, joy illumination.
Give me a carol to sing and a quiet place to read, or think, or write.

Thank You for being in my heart, Lord.
I love You.
I know all the rest will sort itself out.

'bye for now.

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