Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Star of Wonder

That's the chorus I was singing to myself last night when the cat decided to jump onto the table where the lit candles for Advent were shining. Golly! Cat went one direction, candles went another. The cat leapt away due to my surprise and displeasure and not due to some flammable episode (thankfully.) My Advent season has started out wacky. What's up with that? This morning I found my favorite full text quarterly (Hurray! I did without one last month and felt a little lost.) But, the thought that really made an impact was the idea that life is measured to us according to the way we measure. My teacher would point out that we must have a "mental equivalent" when we are praying (or, doing treatment work - that's how some people refer to proper prayer.) This morning I distinctly felt it has to do with how I am inside myself when I do things (even things that take a lot of time or effort for other people - maybe even MOSTLY those things we do for others.) Gulp! I suddenly wanted a "redo" on some recent activities. I must watch my heart . . . I'm thinking today that's what "watch and pray" means for me.

Expecting Christ.


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