Friday, November 04, 2005

Perfect Sleep - Little Sheep

Hurray!!! Today's the day. I've been saving for weeks and finally I'll get to have a bed. I've been sleeping in a recliner which was a real blessing because I'd broken my shoulder and it needed support while it healed. Before then I was sleeping in a double bed that was so uncomfortable that when I tried to turn over the springs poked through the fabric. It was really ouchy. When we moved I opted not to bring the monstrosity and started saving for something nice. Late this afternoon I get to take the bus over to
"Weekends Only" and pay cash for a Serta. (If you are looking, you'll learn mattress sets are REAL PRICEY - and, if you do your homework, you'll see the best prices (a little more than half) - at least in this region - are here.

My friend is going to load the new bed into his truck and bring it home. Yeah!!!!!

Do you wonder about my schoolwork?
I wonder, too. What kind of student have I turned out to be?
Am I "un-cooperative?"

Well, I DO have to curb my artistic instincts - which takes a lot of the fun out of things. It's difficult for me to retain "literal" stuff. It has less meaning for me when I am required to quote someone else's words.
I do, however, realize that is a "classical" way of teaching. I've been blessed to attend classes where we were all encouraged to learn the material in order to become our unique selves.

So, I don't guess I'm the most popular student.
I'm wending my way through the material. Often I answer things twice - quoting the page and phrase required then giving an answer in my own words because the information itself is thrilling.

I'll make it.
Will my enthusiasm lose its luster?
I guess that remains to be seen.

How's your week?
I'd love to hear.


PS - Today a bed - next - shoes with no holes . . . . it's a good world.

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