Monday, November 28, 2005

Alternate Reality

What a fascinating experience. Yesterday we decided to go to the movies. We arrived early so we walked through the hotel. Outside one of the clubs there was an advertisement about upcoming Holiday events and there was a full color photograph of an older woman in a full length white, shimmering, sequined gown. She also wore a full feather boa and maybe, (but about this I am not so clear, as I became entranced and horrified simultaneously) matching white feathers in her hair. She was standing on a carpeted spiral stairway with her right hand lightly placed on the railing. Her hair was dark and her face was made up (I actually checked to see if it was someone in drag because I'm not used to that look any longer.) The ad informed us she will be delighting us at the piano bar and, after 10p. there will be an open mike.

My mother tried valiantly to convince me that would be the best, "classiest" career path for me, if I insisted in pursuing the arts. Since it was something she suggested, it was one of the things I could guarantee I would NEVER do. I even stopped playing piano and took up guitar just to cinch the idea. I couldn't help shivering inside seeing that photograph. It felt as if some other girl-child lived the idea out instead. Oh golly - it creeped me out.

It must be that this lady has a happy life. Perhaps she even manages to self-support - or at least she has a life that is satisfying. I hope she doesn't have to sing "Feelings" every hour.

The movie we saw was beautiful. The coffee we had before hand was perfect.
My first full day of Advent '05. Was I watching? Well, yes - did I spot Christ?


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