Thursday, October 20, 2005


My favorite day of the week.
It's raining. I enjoy inclement weather.
I got to take the dog to the groomer.
The world is about as perfect as it could get, at least from my perspective.

I've started two new classes.
They are both about effective prayer.
I've taken the Tuesday evening course before.
We could not find a record of the credits.
That's probably a good thing.
It never hurts to review stuff like this.

There is some kind of challenge going on where I study.
I'm looking forward to the resolution - not that I'm any kind of anxious. I am not at all concerned. It's just been offered to me as a challenge, so I watch for the resolve as if it were a story intriguing enough to read to the end.

All in all, things are good.

My teacher told a dramatic story about pistol packing people who believed themselves to be reincarnated dinosaurs.

Some schools are different.


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