Saturday, August 06, 2005


Last night in class I learned some interesting things.
One is the rule of "Innocence." It is suggested, and now I fully believe, that we have never made a mistake. We were only experimenting with Life, like scientists finding, for ourselves, what does and does not work. I was reminded of infants. Have you ever observed a baby notice (discover) their hand? They find it, and taste it, stretch it out and close it into a fist. They lose it, forget it's there and find it all over again. It is not s mistake, or error, or sin - they are learning about their hand and uses for it.

I have learned it is the same with us. We discover concepts and try it out until we find best usage. We behave or believe the way we do until we learn a better way.

In "world" law we are often taught "ignorance is no excuse."
In Spirit we are allowed to claim "Innocence." This way we can easily grow without having to take the longer process of "Forgiveness."

We are welcome to take that path, if necessary - find a "mistake," claim it, confess it, be forgiven - or claim "Innocence" (like a child) and continue to grow.

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