Monday, August 01, 2005


Royal told me a story about a cowgirl. When I was little, I was a pretend cowgirl, so i listened with my heart. He told me when I was little, other people told me how they believed and I repeated that information to my horse (sub-conscious mind.) It turns out, after a while I learned that the first information was not right for me to follow. So, I began to retrain my horse. My horse is a marvelous animal and it does exactly as asked. It had no trouble learning the new commands. The problem is, when I get "lost" or "confused" my horse can't understand what I want. So, it automatically goes back to the first rules until I can clearly communicate my deep desire to follow the path I have chosen. If I stay confused, i could get hurt because the horse is so big and powerful, and I am in my own way when I get scared. As soon as I remember I am a champion trainer, my horse rapidly obeys and our life together is brilliant.

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