Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Saying Good-bye

First I heard she was lost.
The birthday card her sister sent had been returned.
My brother asked if I knew where she was.
Nope. She wouldn't have anything to do with me.
Every once in a while I'd try to contact her.
More often I asked God to watch after her.
I hoped she had friends.
I hoped she was safe and happy.
Her sister pointed out her age.
My brother surfed the internet investigators.
I surfed the obituaries.
He found several addresses.
We thought he was the amazing winner of the day.
But, we did not hear back.
Today we found her.
She was listed in the genealogical pages.
I am grateful for the Latter Day Saints.
She left us in December - December 14th of '04.
That was a Tuesday.
We don't know any more than that.
She was bright, full of energy and adventure.
She was not meant to be a mother.
We are stunned, and nervous.
Does that make us orphans?
We already were.


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