Saturday, June 18, 2005


Greetings from my desk top!
I know I told you about breaking my shoulder.
Well, it's healing.  Now I have several great lessons to learn.  First, of course, I get to learn how to use my arm.
Well, that's not actual, yet.  I get to learn how to remind  the shoulder of "full range of motion."  I had a first appointment at a "Rehabilitation Center."  The receptionist frightened me so much I might not go back.  The technician taught me some basic stuff to do at home - I will be faithful in that practice and trust for now.
Then there are the stack of bills.  this is such a great opportunity.  Since I am not insured, I get to pay these.  I'm glad to do that.  I was (and still am) given the very best care.  They did not ask for money up front, imagine that!  This is a blessed place.  Anyway, I needed a good lesson in prosperity.  I can't imagine a better crash course, can you?  (It just occurred to me the entire lesson is a "crash course" because of the fall I took.  giggle  . . . . that's fun, isn't it?)
So, I have been sitting her at my desk, dividing up my current resources & sending a bit towards each financial request.  My hope is, when the hospital financial staff sees I'm doing my best, they will be happy and begin to cheer for me.  I feel like a winner.
While I type this to share with you I am listening to the CD "Heavenward."  I don't know if you have a copy.  If you do, I hope it encourages you as much as it does me.
All My Love,

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