Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Oh, too funny.
I have a broken shoulder.
I managed the experience without throwing a fit.
But, I have a part time position that is STRESS FILLED.
Honest, it's as if I were locked in an asylum with no release for ten hours, three days a week. The drama doesn't stop. I finally cracked. Too strange. First I didn't feel well, then I started to cry and could not stop. The unfortunate part is that I need an income to pay for all the work done on my arm. So, here I am with a broken shoulder - I've taken this day off - it was necessary - then, I need to continue this position while I look for another source of income because I do not want to default with the hospital . . . . No, no, no - I am not insured.

So, wish me well, please - and - stay away from the "looney bin!"


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