Thursday, May 12, 2005

"It's All Good"

It's All Okay.
I like the way kids say it:
"It's All Good."

I've been taking a terrific class on Troward. It's made me feel more at home with myself. Tonight is the last night of it, and I'm going to miss the on-going conversation about it all. But, I know it's helped me tremendously find mySelf again.

I had surgery on my busted up arm. Golly! Who knew it would hurt more to fix than to break? I'm mending, though and - even though this sounds a little silly, I'm looking forward to all the ways of Increase I will see in order to pay for the assistance I've had (and will continue to receive) at the hospital. (Yes, you got it - no insurance - pre-existing - oh well, God takes very good care of His kids.)

This will make me far more grateful for the "job."

I'm excited about my future.

What's up at your house?


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