Thursday, April 14, 2005

These Things

I started going through a box filled with photos, press clippings and saved stuff because I get to visit my firend Heather and scrap book on Friday. I came across bunches of happy memories. This is a song sheet I made for the congregation of the "New Wave of Worship" I used to help plan every month. Now, here's a giggle - it was Last Century! Doesn't that sound ancient? i think it does.

The Spiritual Pathways Center has been considering this scripture (Phil. 4:8&9) lately.
I wonder if they would like to learn this song? I guess I'll ask next time I sing there.
Either way, it's good to remember the quality, fine things I've already had the opportunity to do. It encourages me to reach for more.

Hi-De-Ho! (Neighbor)

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